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Palladium Accounting is a complete business enablement solution that combines Accounting with comprehensive ERP in one software suite. Software that just records data has no place in a modern business. Palladium is an enterprise development tool that promises growth through three key areas.Palladium Accounting software offers a range of feature rich Accounting Solutions to suit SME’s, ranging from the single user business, right through to the larger enterprise.


Palladium Individual, offers full functionality for a single-user business free of charge. Features include the invoicing of service items and general ledger recovery accounts, with Customers, Vendors and a full general ledger. Palladium Individual is perfect for single-user, service based start-up businesses.


Palladium Business is aimed at smaller SMEs with up to 10 users. This option includes Profit Centres, light manufacturing in the form of Assembly, Multi-warehousing and much more, in addition to the features included in Palladium Individual. Palladium Business is perfect for small businesses that don’t require complex Manufacturing Management, Project Management or Point of Sale (POS).


Palladium Enterprise is a full Accounting & ERP solution that can accommodate an unlimited number of users. Features include all the functionality of Palladium Business, as well as: Projects, POS, Distribution, Pick Tickets, Manufacturing, Multi-currency, PO Approvals, Freehand Quotes and much more.


Palladium Premium brings together advanced ERP functionality in one, cost-effective solution. Premium includes all the features of Palladium Enterprise as well as: Multi-bin Locations, Palladium Mobile Sales & WMS applications, POD Document Management, Trade Creditor Recons and a Workshop Management module.


Full Multi-Currency Compatibility

In Zimbabwe, transactions are taking place in Multiple Currency. This means Multiple currency becomes a must have feature. The extensive multi-currency feature spans the entire spectrum from Customers, Suppliers, Bank Accounts and even GL Journals. Rates are maintained on a daily basis with a minimum and maximum tolerable variance that is designed to eliminate any possible finger errors. You can also set your exchange rates to automatically update from the web, alleviating the need to do it manually.

Multi-Tasking Processing

Palladium is a true Windows application allowing you to work on multiple screens at the same time. You can even work on two of the same screen-types, such as Sales Orders, at the same time for unparalleled flexibility.

Adjust All Documents

Users with the required security access rights can adjust or amend all documents in Palladium. Additionally changes to all sales and purchase documents are colour coded to highlight added lines, deleted lines as well as price and quantity changes to existing items. When adjusting financial transactions, Palladium reverses the original journal entry with a new journal and writes a completely new journal for the new transaction.

Data Connection / Wireless Networking

Palladium makes use of on-demand database connections allowing it to run seamlessly in the most challenging of environments, supporting the simplest stand-alone system, to the local area network environment with full support for wireless networking technologies, through to the wide-area (remote access) solution.

Lowest Cost Of Ownership

Palladium was designed to optimise the latest features in Microsoft’s SQL Server database with full data authentication and roll backs to guarantee data integrity. This rock-solid stability means that your business always maintains maximum up time. No data corruption means no downtime resulting in no additional consulting costs, no lost staff productivity and no stock loss or duplicate costs from switching to and from manual systems.

Easy & Intuitive Navigation

Our intuitive navigation screens mean that you can move around the system with ease. Select the module function and have a graphical view of the processing functions, with tabs for reports and transactional drill-downs from financial reports to the transactions themselves. The last 50 processed transactions per function located at the bottom, offers a quick view and drill function for easy monitoring and review. (Subject to user security access rights.)

Data Hosting

With our Data Hosting option you no longer need to purchase or maintain file server. Simply install Palladium on your Windows Desktop or Windows Tablet, connect to the database using your secure credentials and start processing from wherever you are in the world!

Mobile Reporting And Dashboards

Palladium integrates with Microsoft’s Power Business Intelligence module, taking Palladium information to your mobile phone, tablet or browser, whether in a Windows, Android or iOS operating system.

Powerful Anytime Reporting

Palladium offers complete real-time, or “Anytime Reporting. This means that you can run reports at any date in history. These include Customer and Supplier Aging Reports, Inventory Aging Or Valuation Reports as well as full Financial Reports for any range of dates, past or present.

Mobile Applications

Dedicated Sales and WMS mobile applications improve efficiency for employees that are not deskbound like salespersons and warehouse staff. Mobile Sales and Mobile WMS connect to your Palladium database to allow these employees to generate and process documents with live data.

Palladium Modules

Palladium Accounting software offers a range of feature rich Accounting Solutions to suit SME’s.

General Ledger

Our General Ledger now caters for full General Ledger segmentation of up to 10 segments, catering for extreme complex reporting requirements such as Branches and / or Departments. The standard layout will still cater for the Main / Sub Account structure with the ability to report per Sub Account

Accounts Receivables

Create Quotations for Prospective Customers and Prospective Items. Simultaneously convert the Freehand Quote to a Sales Document on-the-fly, as well as to one or many Purchase Documents recording the preferred Vendors per item all from one screen. Use the authorisation function to approve and release the Quotation to a Sales Order.

Fixed Asset Module

The Palladium Fixed Assets Module allows you to cater for up to 5 different depreciation rates or types per Asset, allowing you to cater for things like Company Value / Tax Value / IFRS or GAAP values with one integrating to the General Ledger.

Courier Integration

Integrate directly with courier companies for faster fulfillment. With the Courier Integration, Waybills are created electronically, in the courier's system, as Invoices or Sales Orders are created, eliminating the need to recapture.

Advance Inventory Management

Allows you to set inventory minimum levels based on calculated Days Sales, a Safety Factor, Vendor Lead Days, Days Stock on Hand, Maximum Levels and even an Economic Order Quantity to cater for the most complex of inventory management. In addition, the Recommended Reorder Report can be populated directly into a processing screen where you can select your preferred Vendors, adjust prices and create mass Purchase Orders, grouped by Vendor.

Manufacturing Module

This feature allows you to Create Jobs, Setup Work Centres and Post Work in Progress in the form of Inventory, Service, Labour, Machinery and Overhead costs that will remove the items from Stock and post to the WIP Account. On Closing a Job, the total costs get removed from WIP and the finished goods updated with the respective cost. Work Centres form steps in the manufacturing process, with the ability to Assign or Issue the Inventory, Labour, Machine Costs and Overhead Costs per Work Centre with the Variances reporting being reported on a per Work Centre basis for Optimal Cost Analysis and Variance Control.

Multi-bin Location & Other Modules

Store the same inventory items across one or more Bins and maintain quantities and stocking levels per Bin.Also-Distribution Module, Workshop Management, Mobile Sales & WMS Application, Multi-currency, Purchase Order Approvals etc

Point of Sale (POS)

Supervisor-Authorised Price Overrides, Cash-Drop Warnings and Processing, as well as the assignation of Users to Cash-drawers for security purposes. Cash-ups are facilitated with the use of unique clearing accounts by User by drawer

Projects Management

Relevant project information and documents, such as Bids, Progress Payments, Tender Documents and more by attaching it to the Project, ensuring that you always have access to important information.

Withholding Tax Manager

Withholding Tax on Customer and/or Vendor payments with these amounts being allocated to a separate tax authority to ensure the effective tax recoupment or payment.

Bank Manager

The Bank Manager module allows you to import your transactions from your bank map these entries to the Customer, Vendor or General Ledger Accounts. Once the accounts are mapped, the system remembers this for further imports, with the ability to amend the mapping as required.


Drill-down on all Financial Reports directly to the source document. You can also drill-down on the transactions situated in the Transactions Tabs directly to the source documents.